About the project

Across the nation, approximately 1 in 4 individuals is affected by mental illness – and many don’t get the treatment they need.

Doctor patient hands

A group of healthcare professionals, researchers, and advocates is working as “Dane 1 in 4” on the first large-scale effort to integrate the voice of the community into mental health research in primary care.

Currently, patients with mental illness often receive mental health care within the primary care system, which is often not adequately prepared to address these concerns. In an effort to improve care, integrating mental health services into the primary care setting has become a priority.  However, this conversation has not included patients and the community, who should be at the center of this conversation.  

Become part of the conversation

To engage broad public input, we distributed an anonymous survey that included a brief video of how a mental health care issue could be addressed in the primary care setting. People taking the survey shared some information about their background, and answered 3 open-ended questions about what they thought about receiving care in this way. The survey ended in January. The videos shown in the survey can be found here:




We are now looking for patients (or caregivers of patients) who have experienced receiving mental health care in the primary care setting to participate in a 90 minute group discussion. Participants will be compensated for their time. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us at dane1in4@gmail.com.

Sharing the results


The community’s ideas and concerns will be shared back to interested individuals through specific scheduled meetings, and with the community on this website’s blog.

This feedback also will shape future research that is trying to understand how to best deliver mental health and primary care to achieve the results that are important to a wide range of patients.

Ultimately, we hope to help those with mental illness and those that care for them to get the best health care possible.